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Parent Counselling

Strive not to be a perfect parent but a conscious one.

  • Are you having a hard time juggling your own personal issues with meeting your child’s needs?
  • Is there a feeling that there is something holding you back from the person and parent you want to be?
  • Do you constantly feel guilty, stressed and reactive?
  • Is your child going through some issues and you are unsure of how to support him/her?
  • Are you struggling to stay on the same page with your partner or ex-partner when it comes to parenting?

Raising children can be challenging for many reasons especially when one faces personal issues in their relationships, mental/physical health, work, and daily life stressors. Parent counselling is a place where you can openly discuss your challenges in a safe and non-judgemental space. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, troubleshoot your challenges, gain insights into your child’s behaviour and learn practical tools that you can apply in your everyday life.  

Parent counselling is sometimes used in conjunction with parent-child coaching sessions.